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Artwork by Peg Sutcliffe

Meeting House News

August 2010

 To The Volunteers and Donors
 Langdon, and more generally, New Hampshire, is a wonderful community. This is demonstrated by the generosity of the many friends and neighbors who made the rehabilitation of the 209 year old Landon Meetinghouse foundation a success. The citizens of Langdon recognize the importance of this historic structure and voted to contribute significant funds to its rehabilitation. Many Langdonians went even further and sent donations. Others volunteered time and talent.

 The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance recognized the Meetinghouse a 2008 “Seven to Save” historic treasures in New Hampshire. The Terra Nova Foundation, directed by Rob Stephenson and Christopher Bean, were early contributors of funds. The Marquis George MacDonald Foundation and New Hampshire Electric Coop made a generous donation. LCHIP subsequently granted $99,600 toward the foundation rehabilitation and the Moose Plate Program contributed $9000. Ted Chivers of All Seasons Construction, general contractors, worked seamlessly with our volunteers and with Richard Monahon, Architects, whose guidance was invaluable to our group. Brendan’s Concrete provided a substantial discount. Cold River Materials donated gravel and stone and Woodell & Daughters Forest Products donated wood. Rodney Campbell, a local builder was indispensable. He donated many hours of his time as technical advisor and clerk of the works. John Gulardo photographed every phase of the work.

The members of the Langdon Heritage Commission are happy to have worked with such a wonderful group of creative and tireless people. And there were two super volunteers who are due special thanks. Landscapes by Jay Grant donated over $30,000 of equipment operating time and countless hours of additional time and labor. Dave Barton matched Jay hour for hour sometimes working twelve hour days. We can not thank them enough for their contribution to our community.

Dennis McClary

Langdon Heritage Commission

Please join the Heritage Commission members on Oct. 24, 4pm at the Langdon Town Hall /Meetinghouse to celebrate the completion of new foundation and to thank our volunteers and donors. Refreshments served.


Foundation Rehabilitation Continues!



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Amy Dixon of LCHIP confers with Dennis McClary of Langdon Heritage Commision....

East wall new utility room bulhead door and steps under the Town Hall

Southwest Corner. Cutouts are for lifting beams once lowered. When removed cut outs will be filled in

Brendon Jones Concrete far right has done a fine job and has given us a very charitable price

Front door steeple side Old handicap ramp to be re-used for now


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