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The Langdon Town Hall/Meetinghouse, is a historical American treasure. It is emblematic of what Justice Souter recently called “…the most radical exercise of American democracy that you can find.” the Town Meeting. This historic building is in need of significant structural repair, but a town with a population of 600 is hard pressed to generate the funds required to repair, let alone restore this treasure.

One hundred percent of your donation will be used for rehabilitation of the Langdon Meetinghouse and to preserve Langdon's heritage. All members of the Commission are unpaid volunteers


We also ask that you contact people, public and private, who are interested in contributing to the preservation of this singularly impressive symbol of American democracy and also help preserve Langdon's heritage. We hope we can count on your assistance.

Make your donation here via PayPal or send a check made out to;

The Langdon Heritage Commission


Langdon Heritage Commission,

122 Rt 12A, Unit #4

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The Langdon Heritage Commission is a civic organization within the municipal structure of the Town of Langdon NH.
Gifts made to such municipal organization are recognized under Federal Tax Code 170 (C) (1) as tax deductible.


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