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Archival Project

Preserving Langdon's History

Langdon now has a Secure Archival Room in the Municipal Building. The commission has purchased two large fire resistant storage cabinets. This will enable us to safely preserve our stories and historical items .

Apart from protecting those rare documents every town possesses, the Langdon Heritage Commission has received donations of many old family papers and photos.

We have received a pair of antique oil lamp holders that once hung from the ceiling of our meetinghouse.

Simple documents such as receipt for payment of debt by Mr. Wilson at the general store owned by Mr. Prentiss dating back to 1812 are irreplaceable.

Minnie Haskins has donated various items she has saved regarding Langdon’s

The Town now owns a photo collage of every member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives at the turn of the century.

An invoice to the town from Mr. Holmes from around 1910 for snow removal has been donated. The bill included the numbers of man-hours plus hours for his team of oxen.

The archive committee has organized a display of the items found during the
meetinghouse foundation dig.

Commission members researched to find the names of all war veterans from Langdon and made a permanent Honor Roll display in the Town Hall/ Meetinghouse.

All items in the Town Hall/ Meetinghouse have been inventoried. We plan to
do research to find out any history behind the items.

The Langdon Heritage Commission has plans to invest significant energy in this very important historic work.

Please contact any member of the commission if you have any historical items related to Langdon's History that you would like to donate.

If you would like more information on what the Langdon Heritage Commission is looking for and collecting, please click here. Download

We need volunteers to work on the many archival projects we have planned. If you are interested in volunteering on our special archival projects please contact the LHC.


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