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Annual Report of the Heritage Commission for 2015


“NH RSA 674:44-a Heritage Commission. – A heritage commission may be established in accordance with RSA 673 for the proper recognition, use, and protection of resources, tangible or intangible, primarily man-made, that are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic, or communityNHPA color logo-transparent background significance within their natural, built, or cultural contexts.”


As you will see upon entering the Town Hall/Meetinghouse, interior walls at the front of the room have been removed. This has been done to accommodate state and federal requirements for fire code and the  Americans with Disabilities Act as well as for polling place requirements. For fire code, increased seating capacity and a secondary egress have been added. Additional emergency illumination and “crash bars” on doors have been installed. An ADA parking area and access ramp have been constructed. The stairs on the Holden Hill side will be updated this spring. Voting at town meeting will take place at floor level vs. climbing stairs to the stage. This affords accessibility to all. Aesthetically, windows that once illuminated the interior do so again and a set of decorative columns is revealed


This building has always evolved to meet the needs of each generation who used it as the center of the town’s social, civic and at one time its religious needs. Ironically, the most recent changes bring the room a bit closer to its original 1801 design.


Care has been taken over 214 years of continuous use. Had it not been for the attentiveness of past generations the building would not have survived. The present citizens of Langdon as well as LCHIP, the NH Dept of Historic Resources, the NH Charitable Foundation, Putnam Fund, Terra Nova Foundation, Savings Bank of Walpole, Marquis George Macdonald Foundation, Landscapes by Jay Grant, the NH Preservation Alliance and others have continued that tradition of guardianship of this historic inheritance.


In 2015 the LHC was entrusted with important historic documents regarding the Congregational Church by Royal and Diane Holmes. The documents have been inventoried and placed in a fire resistant safe in the Municipal Building. Royal and Diane also gave the Town many papers and photos from the Langdon Players. John and Rita Gulardo generously converted the photos into a selection of CD's. We also received from the Charlestown Historical Society several old newspaper clippings regarding events in our town.


Our annual Restoration Run and Fun Walk was again a success as was a new event at Fall Festival; an historic cemetery tour called The Hannah Locke Cemetery Walk. The LHC also provided a display of historic artifacts and introduced the Cemetery Art Challenge in which many participated during Fall Festival.


We are happy to announce the addition of Laura Rheaume and Kathie Beam to our Commission. We offer our sincere thank you to Kate Gallagher who after several years of wonderful service has resigned to tend to her job, home and other interests.


All are welcome to join our LHC meetings the first Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 PM in the Meetinghouse at 5 Walker Hill Road and the Municipal Building in the coldest months. We welcome your Langdon stories and memorabilia.


Dennis McClary: Chair, Carole-Anne Centre: Secretary, Kathie Beam: Treasurer, Bud Ross, Ex officio, Lorraine Chaffee, Andrea Cheeney, Caroline Cross, Cliff Oster, Laura Rheaume, Mike Sweeney .


2008 Designated one of the Seven to Save

2012 placement on the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places





Langdon maintains the tradition of the New England Town Meeting Day and has done so every year since 1803 when construction of its Meetinghouse was completed. No other building in New Hampshire has held as many Town Meetings as ours.

We are rehabilitating this historic building within the Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for Historic Preservation in order that we continue this tradition in this historic building. We ask for your donations to assist in this work.

Historic Langdon Town Hall Meetinghouse.

Home of the most consecutive town meetings

held in all of New Hampshire.

Built in 1801-03 when Thomas Jefferson was president.


Contact: Dennis McClary or Carole-Anne Centre

The Langdon Heritage Commission was formed in 2007 to properly recognize, use, preserve and protect our significant, historic, cultural, natural and aesthetic assets. In so doing we not only preserve our buildings and land, we build community connections, establish trust among diverse groups, encourage volunteerism, develop community leaders and enhance the livability of our community.



The Langdon Heritage Commission is charged with preserving, protecting and promoting Langdon’s historic, cultural and natural assets


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